What We Do


At ONK Group we create the vital infrastructure that enable societies and economies to grow. We support our customers to enrich the social and physical environment through the provision of innovative and efficient infrastructure that underpins daily lives. We provide environmentally efficient and outstanding Construction and Civil Work solutions to private and public clients in the built environment.
We are constantly innovating to stay at the forefront of the built environment. We employ cutting-edge technology and apply the diverse skills of our teams to deliver high quality construction projects across industries. Our expert solutions in construction and civil works covers the following sectors:
• Social Infrastructure (Commercial & Residential Buildings, Schools, Hospitals etc.)
• Energy and Marine Infrastructure ( Sea Defence, Oil and gas pipelines)
• Transportation Infrastructure ( Roads, Bridges, Airports, Railways etc)
We offer complete design and build, design and project manage, develop and construct services for the built environment. We take pride in providing services that are tailored to suit the needs of our clients. We believe in a collaborative approach with the stakeholders at every stage of every project, our expert guidance and precise management help clients achieve their construction goals.
We share our customers' interest in ensuring whole life 'best value' at every stage. With our dedicated team of technical experts, project managers, professionals and supported by the best technologies in the construction industry, we develop the infrastructure and buildings solutions needed for the most challenging projects. Our production teams work closely with our safety, quality control and environmental departments to bring projects on time and within budget, while meeting and exceeding all quality specifications and applicable regulations.

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ONK Group is an exceptional provider of sustainable solutions to the electrical needs of both the private and public sector. We are committed to giving our customers engineering solutions that deliver immediate and long term, bottom line results. Our experience and expertise covers the whole electricity grid, including overhead lines, cable tunnels and distribution networks.
Our teams offer a wide range of services, from scoping and feasibility to design, construction and on-going maintenance.We offer complete design, procurement and installation services. We provide the expert knowledge, technology and unparalleled delivery that provides fast and flexible responses to our clients’ needs. Our projects are led by a team of highly experienced engineers with a passion for delivering efficient and lasting solutions. Our in-house design and programme management teams install, test and commission all electrical works. This includes extra high voltage (EHV) and high voltage (HV) substations, and all associated civil work. Our teams assess scheme feasibility and scope the detailed requirements of a contract before work begins. Our range of electrical and specialty services cover the following areas:

• Rural and Urban power grid extension projects
• Design And Construction of Sub-transmission networks /substation
• Construction of Power Distribution Networks/Cabling and Service connection
• House/Building Wiring and Connection to Grid

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ONK Group provides small to large institutions and complex projects with global procurement and logistics solutions using suppliers from over 120 countries that are unsurpassed in the industry. With our advanced global sourcing methods, a highly experienced team, prized manufacturer relationships, vast consolidation expertise and a truly innate understanding of our customers’ requirements, we deliver quality goods and equipment from reliable and diverse suppliers where they are needed, on time, and at the lowest total cost of ownership.
Using our proven tools and approaches, we work hand in hand with clients to equip them for success in a challenging landscape. We provide complete end-to-end supply chain management services. Our commitment is to provide our valued customers with the latest technology, along with the finest engineered quality products.

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