We create the vital infrastructure and supply the goods and equipment that human life needs to function and enable socio economic growth.

ONK GROUP LTD is a diversified and fully integrated development company. We provide sustainable solutions to today’s developmental needs. At ONK Group, we develop, build and supply the vital infrastructure, goods and equipment that human life needs to function, develop, thrive and enable economic growth. We are specialist in small, large and complex projects. With technology and the breadth and depth of our expertise, we create exceptional value and assurance for our customers.
We are committed to innovation and excellence which consistently results in successful and timely completion of projects and/or delivery of goods and equipment on budget. Our business model adapts to the business needs and information flow of our clients. We operate with the highest levels of quality, health and safety, technical expertise and integrate with clients and local supply chains and work with local communities to ensure sustainable development and growth.

ONK Group hopes to contribute to the socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa through our effective and sustainable solutions to developmental needs.

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